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Good news for brain injured from St George’s Hospital Trust


Good news for brain injured from St George’s Hospital Trust

We’re delighted to report that St George’s Hospital in Tooting has recently established a multidisciplinary head injury team. This initiative aims to ensure that every patient in the trust, irrespective of other medical conditions, is cared for by a member of that team and also that their families and carers are supported. Previously patients with head injury were located in wards throughout the hospital – and to some extent this may continue depending on their other medical needs – but now the treatment for their head injury will be coordinated by the team working closely with relevant specialists from other medical disciplines as necessary.

Lead by consultant neurologist, Dr Colette Griffin, the team comprises specialist registrar and nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapists as well as a neuro-psychologist and Head Injury Case Co-ordinator, Sarah Hilton. A new 8-bedded unit has just opened at the hospital which will bring together patients for early rehabilitation and ensure that specific treatment plans for each patient are agreed with their local primary care trust before discharge. In this way the team hopes to ensure continuity of the vital rehabilitation that each patient needs from hospital to home.

Well done St George’s! We hope that other hospitals will soon follow your lead!

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