About us

Who we are:

HSWL is an independent charity, affiliated to Headway UK, and one of over 100 Headway groups across the UK.  All of our services are provided by a network of volunteers and the charity is governed by a group of trustees and supported by group facilitators:

Trustees & Group Facilitators

Our mission:

To provide assistance, support, information and services to people with a brain injury, their families, and carers in South West London.

Boroughs we cover:

  • Richmond
  • Wandsworth
  • Kingston
  • Merton
  • Sutton
  • Croydon

If you live outside of these boroughs, find your nearerst group at Headway UK.

What we do:

We run regular face-to-face and virtual group meetings, allotment visits, social events, and offer emergency fund grants and access to free advice on benefits:

1. Monthly Groups
2. Virtual Groups
3. Allotment Visits
4. Social Events
5. Free benefits advice


At HSWL we do not require formal referrals for our free services.  For group meetings you can just turn up on the day and for social events we kindly request that you email info@headwayswlondon.org in advance.  If you would like any further information please call our mobile and leave a message 07395831993 or email info@headwayswlondon.org.  Please note HSWL is run by volunteers and therefore our mobile and emails are checked periodically.

Case Studies:


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