Croydon Group

We meet on:

The third Wednesday of every month, 7:30pm to 9pm

Harris Academy Purley, Kendra Hall Road, South Croydon CR2 6DT


See our calendar here


Group co-ordinator: Michelle Davies

I am a neuro-occupational therapist with over 10 years qualified experience, currently working at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting.  I joined Headway in 2015 facilitating the then newly formed Croydon Group.  I spend most of my spare time at my allotment but also enjoy camping, mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding.


Topics for 2019 (may be subject to change):

  • January: Review of our achievements in 2018 and setting goals to achieve in 2019
  • February: The 10-year challenge – what would you say to your younger self 10 years ago and what would change in your behavior and actions to achieve how you would like to be in the next 10-years
  • March: Why do I feel so dizzy?  (Vestibular physiotherapy visit)
  • April: Food & Nutrition – healthy eating; fatigue-busting recipes and super-brain foods.
  • May: CBT – what is it?  Is it useful?  Would I benefit?  (Outside speaker)
  • June: Quiz night – in the Marlborough Pub, Richmond Hill
  • July: Going on holiday? – what are the hazards, risks, challenges that you face going on holiday e.g. getting insurance; accessible venues; flying etc.  Is it relaxing anymore…..??
  • August: *no group*
  • September: The grieving cycle.
  • October: What happens now? – what happens when you leave hospital and how do you manage the community and access the services you need as you start to understand yourself following your diagnosis.  The challenges of rehabilitation and services signposting.
  • November: How relationships change after a brain injury – partners, children, friends and employers.
  • December: Party!!


Topics in 2018:

  • January: Review of 2017 and goals for 2018
  • February: Headway Laween Saadi presents neuroplasticity
  • March: “Grow your own” – compost, pots, and seeds provided
  • April: How you tell people you have had a brain injury?
  • May: Current affiars
  • June: Fatigue management
  • July: Board game night
  • August: no group
  • September: The therapeutic use of journals (Sue Hughes)
  • October: *Change of topic* Pizza and social
  • November: Crafty Christmas – join us for Christmas crafting
  • December: no group


Location and transport information:

  • Please use the Sports Reception Entrance (venue is fully accessible)







  • Nearest bus stop – Regina Coeli School (405, 455)
  • Parking is available at this venue