Due to government advice around Coronavirus (Covid-19) ALL previous group meetings, social events, and allotment visits are cancelled until further notice.  Government advice can be found here.

HSWL currently runs a regular Telephone/Video Contact Service & Virtual Coffee Mornings

Recommendations from our service users


  • “Do no harm” – Henry Marsh
  • “This will hurt” – Adam Kay
  • “Brain on Fire” – Susannah Cahalan
  • “Ben Again” – Ben Clench
  • “Magical medicine” – Roald Dahl
  • “The Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring” – Hugh Marriott
  • “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” – Jean-Dominique Bauby


TED Talks: 

  • Cranioplasty – Simon Eccles
  • BI survivor – Martin Ashton


BBC Drama:


Other Online Resources:

  • Brain Injury Touchpoint: a non-profit organisation which aims to provide a sense of hope that some form of recovery is possible following a brain injury