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3rd July: Digital Art Project – a collage of photos

We are planning to put together a digital art project of different photos of our time in Lockdown.  Some ideas for photos to send include:

  • Things you have enjoyed e.g. pictures of your walks, of gardens
  • Things you have missed e.g. a favourite coffee shop
  • New skills you have learnt e.g. playing the guitar
  • Or projects you have been doing e.g. cooking more

Please only send photographs and images that you own or have taken yourself and if any identifiable people are present that you have the consent from them for the photograph to be used by HSWL.  Photographs and images sent by email will be stored in our HSWL inbox for up to 6 months and selected photographs will be published on our website and newsletter.  HSWL will not distribute photographs or images to any third parties in any other way.  You can request your images be deleted by HSWL at any point by emailing us below.  If you consent to these terms, please email any photographs or images to and state that you agree with the above and give permission for HSWL to use them in this way and if you would like your first name published alongside.



4th February 2020: Michelle is training for the London Marathon!

“On 23rd December I started my 18 week training plan for the London Marathon – I even went for a run on
Christmas day! My longest run so far has been 10 miles. Of course I’ll be raising money for Headway SW
London which will make the mararthon feel even more special!”

This year the marathon is on Sunday 26th April (more information on the marathon here).
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9th April 2019: Wheels for Wellbeing

Headway SW London welcomed Isabelle Clements, Director for Wheels for Wellbeing to their April meeting. Isabelle told us about her journey into cycling and how she discovered that being a wheelchair user was not an obstacle to using an adapted bike, in her case, a hand cycle–where the wheels are operated by hand pedals.  Isabelle told us that the aim of Wheels for Wellbeing is to remove barriers to cycling for people with mobility restrictions and to introduce them to the health and social benefits of cycling based exercise. The charity has been in operation since 2007, and with the aid of grants and donations, has supported thousands of people to cycle in London.

We were enthralled to discover the range of cycles that are available, accommodating all levels of mobility and balance needs.  Bikes include:

  • Tricycles (three wheeled adult bikes)
  • Tandems and side by side bikes (which are used with the support of an assistor/volunteer)
  • Recumbents (Where you do not sit upright)
  • Hand cycles (powered by turning handles rather than pedals)
  • Two- and four-wheel cycles
  • Wheelchair bikes (that do not require transfer)

Wheels for Wellbeing run sessions at three centres in London; Croydon arena, Herne Hill Velodrome and Ladywell Day Centre in Lewisham.  Isabelle told us that Wheels for Wellbeing is part of a network of cycling support organisations called Cycling for All, and that the network offers a range of cycling centres across London.

For more information check out: and


16th March 2019: Wolfson Centre Voc Rehab Group

Chris Brunker, Chair of HSWL, was invited to speak with Tony Hart, Link Worker for Headway West London, on 16th March at the Vocational Rehabilitation Group, Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton.  The group had a lot of questions about Headway and how people with a history of acquired brain injury support each other as they deal with their challenges.


1st February 2019: BA Magic Charity

Read Joe’s fantastic story flying back to Australia here with BA Magic.


2018: Please offer me a seat campaign

One of HSWL’s regular service users, Tom Ryan-Elliot, has been part of the new Transport for London ‘Please offer me a seat’ campaign.  TfL is offering a free badge or a discrete card for passengers with hidden conditions who may find it difficult to find a seat during busy periods.

Tom developed epilepsy following his brain injury and although he uses a wristband with epilepsy written on it, hopes that being part of this campaign will make travelling better for others.  You can read his personal story that he has shared with the Epilepsy Society and look out for these TfL posters in stations around London.

You can register with TfL for these items here.