Due to government advice around Coronavirus (Covid-19) ALL group meetings, social events, and allotment visits are cancelled until further notice.  Government advice can be found here.

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Gosh it feels like such a long time since the UK went into lockdown, with many people being in self isolation it can be hard to maintain a regular routine and keep occupied. Some ideas for maintaining a regular routine:
  • Daily routine – go to bed and get up at the same time each day, shower and dress, and keep regular meal times.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, keep hydrated, and try to avoid alcohol and junk food.
  • List important activities – e.g. fun hobbies, leisure activities, and household chores – balance these in your day.
  • Break your day into parts – e.g. morning/afternoon/evening – try to plan at least one activity in these parts of your day.
  • Keep moving – do daily stretches and go outside if able, e.g. a daily walk, to connect with nature, observe the spring plants and birds.
  • Monitor your mood – be mindful that being in lockdown and isolation is hard – try some relaxation techniques such as breathing/mindfulness exercises.
  • Stay connected with loved ones – make a pact to call people at the same time each week, have a video call with coffee/cake, play online games together, or use video apps.
  • Readjust your expectations – try not to expect too much of yourself during this stressful time and set realistic short-term goals.
  • Stay informed – of the government advice and recommendations but avoid spending excessive time on news sites.
  • Take breaks – it is normal to feel a bit tired at this time with the stress and changes to our routines – take regular rest breaks throughout the day.

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