Due to government advice around Coronavirus (Covid-19) ALL previous group meetings, social events, and allotment visits are cancelled until further notice.  Government advice can be found here.

HSWL currently runs a regular Telephone/Video Contact Service & Virtual Coffee Mornings

Monthly Archive May 2020


New Telephone/Video Contact Service

We have set up a new telephone/video service to keep in contact with you all and to offer any information/advice.  If you’d like a telephone/video call from us email or leave a voicemail message on our mobile 07395831993.


Lockdown Poems

Try starting a sentence with each letter of Lockdown, Covid, or Isolation:

Lockdown is necessary at the moment
Open the windows
Can you feel the spring air?
Keep your tissues handy if you sneeze
Do you know when it will end?
Only the government knows…
When it’s over I’m looking forward to seeing you at a Headway group
Now seems like forever, but will be a blink of an eye in your lifetime
-Paula, Balham Group Facilitator
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Other ideas to stay occupied

  • Listen to music – go through your music collection or try listening to new artists or a different radio station.
  • Games nights – have a board games night or quiz with people in your household.
  • Write a journal – start a written journal/photographic journal or even a scrapbook of your experience in isolation.
  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook
  • Watch a new TV show or film – one you’ve always meant to watch, try uplifting and humerous content.
  • Daily exercise – try daily stretches or try a free online exercise/yoga class.
  • List things you are grateful/thankful for – review this list in the morning and at night before you go to bed.
  • Photos – look through and organise your photos, make a photo album, or use your photos to make a calendar.
  • Reorganise – your computer files (and/or back them up), and items or places in your house
  • Call – an old friend or relative.


Gosh it feels like such a long time since the UK went into lockdown, with many people being in self isolation it can be hard to maintain a regular routine and keep occupied. Some ideas for maintaining a regular routine:
  • Daily routine – go to bed and get up at the same time each day, shower and dress, and keep regular meal times.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, keep hydrated, and try to avoid alcohol and junk food.
  • List important activities – e.g. fun hobbies, leisure activities, and household chores – balance these in your day.
  • Break your day into parts – e.g. morning/afternoon/evening – try to plan at least one activity in these parts of your day.
  • Keep moving – do daily stretches and go outside if able, e.g. a daily walk, to connect with nature, observe the spring plants and birds.
  • Monitor your mood – be mindful that being in lockdown and isolation is hard – try some relaxation techniques such as breathing/mindfulness exercises.
  • Stay connected with loved ones – make a pact to call people at the same time each week, have a video call with coffee/cake, play online games together, or use video apps.
  • Readjust your expectations – try not to expect too much of yourself during this stressful time and set realistic short-term goals.
  • Stay informed – of the government advice and recommendations but avoid spending excessive time on news sites.
  • Take breaks – it is normal to feel a bit tired at this time with the stress and changes to our routines – take regular rest breaks throughout the day.