Allotment Update


Allotment Update

We harvested our first potatoes, and Emily received a royal welcome from another allotment neighbour with a gift of sweet peas. Young Jack joined us in our work on Saturday. His parents are on the allotment next to ours and they kindly donated us our wood and topsoil. Des bought along some seeds and has planted them in the hope of cultivating some seedlings for us to plant before winter. Christopher did an excellent job clearing all the unwanted wood from the site and Arthur enjoyed getting closer to nature with the two slow worms we found!  We continue to make progress and the team grows bigger each week. Sue will be away until September. In the meantime if anyone wants to water our crops that would be very welcome!

The next allotment date will be the 5 September, when we hope to enter our squash in THE PRODUCE SHOW being held that day!

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