Running the marathon for HSWL


Running the marathon for HSWL


HSWL trustee took part in the Marathon des Sables in April. Becky said, “I am delighted to say that I made it to the finish line of the Marathon des Sables.  It was a very gruelling race indeed, over high jebels, dry river bed ouds, and energy-sapping sand dunes.  It was as much about strength of mind as strength of body!  The course was 150 miles long and run over 6 days, so on average it was a marathon a day, except for day 4 when we had to run 50 miles!  The Sahara desert was both beautiful and daunting, the most difficult obstacles, of course, being the heat, the sand and the sheer scale of the landscape.  Reaching the finish line was a very emotional experience as I had been apprehensive about the event for the past year, in huge doubt about my ability to complete it.  A massive thank you to everyone from Headway who supported me and I look forward to sharing the experience at a members’ meeting soon.”


A huge well done and thank you to Becky for her fantastic fundraising efforts!


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