Physio Top Tips


Physio Top Tips

Headway S W LondonTOP TIPS from Carol the Physio from the September 2011 meeting

  • Set yourself small, achievable goals- write them down!
  • Keep an exercise diary- it helps you stay motivated and keeps you on track.
  • Joining classes at a gym is great, but make sure that they are at the right level- e.g. if starting Pilates, check if you can have 1:1 or small group sessions initially to learn the basics properly.
  • Problems walking and running luckily don’t mean you can’t get any exercise!  Try sitting down and lifting cans of baked beans- to the side, up and down. Increase the weight gradually. You’ll find your heart pumping after a doing this few a few minutes.
  • Try marching on the spot- while sitting in your chair
  • Every hour take 4 deep breaths to expand your lungs.

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